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Friday 8 May

The EU innovation index

This month the European Commission published the EU Innovation Index 2014. Sweden is the most innovative EU member state. The Netherlands rise to fifth place. The members of the EU a getting more and more innovative in recent years. But there are still great differences in innovation performance between the top performing countries like Germany and Sweden and countries like Bulgaria and Romania.  

The top innovative countries in Europe are Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Finland. These are countries that score well on all dimensions of the index: research, innovation, number of patent applications and economic growth. Most progress has been made in the openness and attractiveness of the EU research system as well as business innovation collaboration and the commercialisation of knowledge as measured by licence and patent revenues from abroad.

It is remarkable that numbers 1 and 4, Sweden and Finland, underperform on economic growth.

There is one European country that is the real leader in the field of innovation: Switzerland. But Switzerland is not a member of the EU. South Korea, the US and Japan are the world wide innovation top performers.

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Number of patent applications is still rising Thursday 31 March Number of patent applications is still rising

The number of patent applications once again increased. In 2015, 1.6% more applications were filed at the European Patent Office (EPO). In recent years the number of applications actually increased constantly. A small dip in 2009, but this was offset by a very large increase in 2010. In total, they filed in 2015 278,867 patent applications.

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Tuesday 6 October Freedom to Operate

The market for new products is growing and growing. This growth makes it extremely difficult to find out if a product you want to import from f.e. China is infringing the patent of a third party. It can be very risky to go-to-market without a proper freedom to operate search.

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