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About PatentProfs

PatentProfs is the answer to the often heard question, "Why does the application for a European patent cost so much time and money?". Although we can't change anything about the procedure as postulated by the European Patent Office (EPO), we offer you a faster and less expensive way to submit your application. Our network of European patent attorneys, in which we mediate your request, saves you the pursuit of an appropriate agency and the best offer. PatentProfs is very keen on personal contact with you as well as our affiliated patent attorneys, to answer any request swiftly with a perfect match.

Guaranteed quality

PatentProfs is a division of Patents4all, an international patent services company offering patent searches, applications, monetizing services and proctection of your patents. 

Call us for more information: +31 30 228 2750.


To apply for a European patent for your idea please fill out the form on this website and we will contact you.
Together with your specific demands we present your request to our network of European patent attorneys.
The attorney with the most competitive bid writes and submits your application to the European Patent Office.
Get your European patent:
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Number of patent applications is still rising Thursday 31 March Number of patent applications is still rising

The number of patent applications once again increased. In 2015, 1.6% more applications were filed at the European Patent Office (EPO). In recent years the number of applications actually increased constantly. A small dip in 2009, but this was offset by a very large increase in 2010. In total, they filed in 2015 278,867 patent applications.

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Tuesday 6 October Freedom to Operate

The market for new products is growing and growing. This growth makes it extremely difficult to find out if a product you want to import from f.e. China is infringing the patent of a third party. It can be very risky to go-to-market without a proper freedom to operate search.

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