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PatentProfs: the maximum return from your idea 

Every inventor dreams of inventing something the whole world is waiting for and becoming wealthy in the process. Unfortunately, too often the reality is very different from the dream. All too frequently the inventor forgets to file a patent, or is late in filing the application. Even if he obtains a patent, it often proves a daunting task to monetizing. Finding the right licensing partners can be a very difficult, time consuming and expensive process with no guarantee of success at the end of the day. There simply has to be a better way, and there is: PatentProfs.

Our mission

PatentProfs' mission is to provide maximum return from your idea. Before we bring the patent to market, we do extensive market research. We look at the basis for the techniques set forth in the patent claims and determine which companies would be the most likely prospects to acquire a license to the patent. In conjunction with our aggressive and dynamic marketing campaign we produce a short video presentation describing the patent and it’s applications. In addition to the professionally produced video presentation we also create a Information Memorandum (IM) for the patent. This IM contains all the usefull information about the patent and its market. For an individual inventor it would be a lot of work to create similar materials.

Finding licensees

In our exhaustive market research we have identified a large number of international companies that could be interested in purchasing a license to use the patent. Our salesteam will not rest before they have contacted these potential licensees and sold the licenses.

We share revenue

Should we close a licensing deal we take care of the financial settlement and the net revenue is then shared on a 50-50 basis. So without any significant effort or expense on your part, you will receive fully 50% of the royalties on the patent. This equal distribution of net income assures that we will be as excited and committed to making your idea successful, as you are yourself.

Do you want return on patent?

PatentProfs is patent services company offering patent searches, patent  applications, monetizing services and protection of your patents. We are there for the whole life cycle of a patent. From application to marketing and protection.

For more information, call us directly at +31 30 228 2750.

To apply for a European patent for your idea please fill out the form on this website and we will contact you.
Together with your specific demands we present your request to our network of European patent attorneys.
The attorney with the most competitive bid writes and submits your application to the European Patent Office.
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Number of patent applications is still rising Thursday 31 March Number of patent applications is still rising

The number of patent applications once again increased. In 2015, 1.6% more applications were filed at the European Patent Office (EPO). In recent years the number of applications actually increased constantly. A small dip in 2009, but this was offset by a very large increase in 2010. In total, they filed in 2015 278,867 patent applications.

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Tuesday 6 October Freedom to Operate

The market for new products is growing and growing. This growth makes it extremely difficult to find out if a product you want to import from f.e. China is infringing the patent of a third party. It can be very risky to go-to-market without a proper freedom to operate search.

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